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InPrint 3 - upgrade and save 15% or more Widgit Writer  - create symbol documents on your iPad ProxTalker and ProxPad Dual Language Feature Pack
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Ordering details, pricelists and licence information
 Technical support

Technical support, manuals, helpsheets and tutorial videos
 PC software

The communicate series and other learning software from Widgit
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Great savings when purchasing multiple Widgit programs

Engaging learning and communication apps for iPad
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Create materials online.
Dual Language Packs for EAL and MFL
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Low-tech and mid-tech communication aids, including ProxTalker and ProxPAD
 Signs and photos

Makaton, BSL, Signalong and Snaps photo add-ons for Widgit products
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Add-ons and products that use Widgit Symbols
 Health & Justice

Symbols, books and materials designed to support the health and justice sectors
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Glossaries, books about symbols and resources packs
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Work with us to create bespoke materials for your organisation

Ready-made symbol signs and services to design and licence symbols for signs

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