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Health, Emergency and Justice

Supporting communication for
vulnerable people

Being able to communicate with someone quickly and clearly during an emergency is vital.

Clear communication improves the effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment, leading to quicker and more successful recovery.

Being able to give clear information and gather accurate facts helps keep situations calm and reduces risks.

Widgit Symbols add visual support to information, making it easier to understand.

Widgit health and justice symbols
More about symbols:
  • University of Southampton's research into the use of symbols in police custody.

    A project with Autism Hampshire, Hampshire Constabulary and the Appropriate Adult Service.

    Read the full report

  • It is essential that our volunteers can engage in the best way possible with those beneficiaries who are hardest to care for and are most vulnerable.

    The Communication Book is a key component of our toolkit.

    Richard Hankins,
    Head of Event First Aid

    Read the full story

  • With the Safe Place Scheme, Local Authorities and the Police are helping to reduce bullying and abuse of people with learning disabilities in their communities.

    I think it is vital that Safe Places schemes strive towards using a common symbol.

    Maggie Graham, Mencap

    Find out more

  • Autism Hampshire, Widgit, Southampton University and Hampshire Constabulary are developing and piloting easy read custody sheets within designated custody suites in Hampshire to support people with autism who may find themselves arrested and in custody.

    More project information to follow

  • Being able to reassure someone in an emergency is key to my role as a Community First Responder. To be able to do this, I need to communicate well.

    I welcome the Widgit Medical Communication Aids, as they make me more confident that I can bring calm in the widest range of situations.

    A Community First Responder

  • Developed in association with Dr. Judith Short, Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.

    The Hospital Procedures resources are designed to help patients with learning difficulties understand the procedures, sequence of events and people associated with a hospital visit.

    Find out more

  • Diabetes Symbol Resources, developed in partnership with Warwick University and the George Eliot Diabetes Care Team.

    The Diabetes Symbol Resources include simple text and symbol supported versions of the Alphabet Strategy Diabetes Cards.

    Find out more

Who symbols can help

Widgit uses symbols to support people who have communication, language or learning disabilities.
Find about who uses symbols

  • In the UK, there are 10.9 million people registered with a disability (1)

  • 2.1 million people are registered with a communication disability (1)

  • Disabled people are significantly more likely to be victims of crime than non-disabled people. 39% of disabled people reported having been a victim of crime compared to 28% of non-disabled people. (1)

  • The Equality Act 2010 put a responsibility on all organisations to make reasonable adjustments to meet the needs of disabled people:

Widgit Symbols add visual support to the printed word, opening up the world of information to those otherwise excluded from it.
Find out more about symbols

  • Faster communication
  • Reduce risk
  • Support vulnerable people
  • Calm and reassure
  • Reduce language barriers
  • Meet legal responsibilities
  • Save lives

Health Communication Book

Create your own materials

Communicate Series BundleInPrint 3

Create symbol materials to print
Widgit symbols, along with the powerful features and freedom of layout of desktop publishing, help to create materials that have a professional look.

Communicate Series BundleSymWriter 2

Easy symbol writing for everyone
SymWriter 2 is a symbol-supported word processor that any writer, regardless of literacy levels, can use to create documents.

Communicate Series BundleWidgit Health Symbols

Specifically designed symbols for use in healthcare settings.
Widgit Health Symbols 2013 is an add-on for InPrint 2, InPrint 3 and SymWriter. This pack contains flashcards for all of the medical vocabulary, a glossary and 342 Widgit Symbols specifically designed for use in healthcare settings. This complements the extensive general health vocabulary in the Widgit Symbol Set.

Software Bundle

Communicate Series Bundle

InPrint 3

Widgit Health Symbols

Single installation £219

For multiple installations, please contact us.

Need help?

To discuss our software and services, please call 01926 333680, or email info@widgit.com

Pre-made materials developed with professionals

First Aid Communication Booklet

Symbols communication tool for all First Aiders

ICE Communication Cards

Widgit 'In Case of Emergency' Cards with fold out Symbol Sheet

Symbols, Literacy and Social Justice

An internationally focused book about symbols and literacy

First Response Communication Book

Symbols communication tool for medical professionals

Patient Communication Sheet

For supporting patients communicating in hospital

Need something else?

All our materials are developed in partnership with professionals. If you require a communication tool that fits your content and needs, please contact our Design Studio at symbols@widgit.com

Design Studio

Have you experienced problems communicating
with members of the public?

Are your documents accessible to all your clients?

We can create accessible symbol information, tailored to your needs.

Our specialist design team will work in partnership with your organisation to produce symbolised documents which cater for your individual requirements.

Bespoke service
We consult with you throughout the design process, creating new symbols where necessary, to ensure that the end result is fit for purpose and appropriate for the different needs of your client base.

Best practice
We can also work with you to develop your understanding and knowledge of “best practice” in symbol accessibility and suggest the most appropriate language for your information.

Meeting your responsibilities
An inclusive approach to the design of your product or service will help you to ensure compliance with current legislation on accessibility.

Design studio services include:

  • Translating information into symbols
  • Symbol design
  • Symbol signage
  • Development of resources
  • Converting text to easy read
  • Design and layout
  • Support in a wide range of media
  • Licensing symbols
  • Advice and training

Get in touch

If you want help with accessibility or have an idea for a resources, please contact us.

For design services, email

For copyright permission, email

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