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Children with disabilities encounter different forms of exclusion; depending on factors such as the type of disability, where they live and the culture or class to which they belong.

Widgit works with governments and companies all over the world, providing our symbol database and software in 16 languages. See our international partners.

Widgit supports charities that provide an education for children who would otherwise be kept at home and uneducated because of their disability.

International symbols
More about symbols:
  • The Johan Cruyff Foundation in the Netherlands gets young people moving! In primary schools and every Cruyff Court in the world you can find a sign of the 14 rules of Johan Cruyff.

    Widgit developed a special sign of the 14 rules specifically for special schools.

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    Widgit health and justice symbols
  • This animated story has been created to foster learning of Italian as second language in children aged 3-5.

    The project was funded by the municipality of Udine and carried out by Radio Magica Foundation, with publisher Franco Cosimo Panini and Auxilia.

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  • InPrint helps the children to tell us what they cannot communicate to us orally...

    They feel secure, having all these tools at hand, this gives them a sense of safety and confidence that they are not rejected by the people around them.

    Antonina, Breadline

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    Widgit health and justice symbols
  • The children at the school use Ugandan Sign Language, giving them the opportunity to begin to learn to communicate.

    The teachers are using the symbols in every grade to support language development, understanding and reading.

    Lynne Awbery, Teacher of the Deaf
    Redbridge Service for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Children

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    Widgit health and justice symbols
  • Widgit Symbol resources have enabled us to teach the teachers about differentiation.

    For the children, the symbols have provided a visual means of learning which for many disabled children is the best way to learn. The impact has been amazing.

    Sarah Louise, the SEN Project Manager for Soft Power Education

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  • Using accessible and illustrative symbols resulted in immediately increasing interest in reading and enrichment of sensory experience activities.

    More accessible information on the timetable with the Widgit symbols had a noticeable effect among students.

    Dorothy Fraser

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Who symbols can help

Widgit uses symbols to support people with communication, language or learning disabilities.
Who uses symbols?

  • 61 million children of primary school age were out of school in 2010 (1)

  • Worldwide 781 million adults, 64% of whom are women, still lack basic reading and writing skills (2)

  • 93 million children, or 1 in 20 of those aged 14 or younger, live with a moderate or severe disability of some kind (3)

  • Regular schools must provide an appropriate child-centred teaching and learning environment that can accommodate these special educational needs (3)

Widgit Symbols add visual support to the printed word, opening up the world of information to those otherwise excluded from it.
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  • Symbol support in 16 languages
  • Support teaching Modern Foreign Languages
  • Help people communicate their individual wishes and needs
  • Engage students in education

Health Communication Book

Create your own materials

Communicate Series BundleInPrint

Create symbol materials to print
Widgit symbols, along with the powerful features and freedom of layout of desktop publishing, help to create materials that have a professional look.

Communicate Series BundleSymWriter 2

Easy symbol writing for everyone
SymWriter 2 is a symbol-supported word processor that any writer, regardless of literacy levels, can use to create documents.

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Software in 16 languages
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We are always interested to hear about any international projects and offer our support.

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Design Studio

Have you experienced difficulties communicating
with members of the public?

Are your documents accessible to all your clients?

We can create accessible symbol information, tailored to your needs.

Our specialist design team will work in partnership with your organisation to produce symbolised documents which cater for your individual requirements.

Bespoke service
We consult with you throughout the design process, creating new symbols where necessary, to ensure that the end result is fit for purpose and appropriate for the different needs of your client base.

Best practice
We can also work with you to develop your understanding and knowledge of “best practice” in symbol accessibility and suggest the most appropriate language for your information.

Meeting your responsibilities
An inclusive approach to the design of your product or service will help you to ensure compliance with current legislation on accessibility.

Design studio services include:

  • Translating information into symbols
  • Symbol design
  • Symbol signage
  • Development of resources
  • Converting text to easy read
  • Design and layout
  • Support in a wide range of media
  • Licensing symbols
  • Advice and training

Get in touch

If you want help with accessibility or have an idea for a resources, please contact us.

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