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Impact of Widgit Symbols at Endeavour Academy

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    The school is specifically for boys with social, emotional and mental/behavioural problems. We chose symbols because the boys need clear messages especially when it comes to boundaries.

    Fay Cripps,
    Littlegreen Primary School

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  • InPrint is very easy and quick to use and the use of the Widgit symbols has really helped to increase children’s independence in accessing a mainstream curriculum.

    Hannah Reeves,
    Countess Wear Community School

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  • The symbolised materials really help children to be independent.

    Thanks to the Symbols Inclusion Project, about 75% of schools, and 200 pre-school settings are using symbols to support children with their understanding and learning.

    Class Teacher

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    Widgit health and justice symbols
  • All the symbol support for the pre-learning of key concepts on the solar system has helped Yan to access the curriculum.

    This has increased his self-esteem and confidence. He was able to use the resources/games with other members of his class. He was able to answer questions that others could not.

    Class Teacher

  • In joint teaching with Y3 teacher on creative writing, we used symbols to support the 5 different story elements. Most children were able to use the symbols to plan their own stories over two hour sessions independently.

    Class Teacher

    SIP Project Case Studies

    SIP Project Teachers' Comments

  • Imagine how fantastic it is when a student can look at a piece of symbol-supported text and make sense of what they are seeing!

    College Lecturer

    College staff make a huge variety of symbol resources that support all curriculum areas. Student understanding is enhanced by using symbols in practical activities.

  • Staff working in Early Years settings and children’s centres use symbols to label the environment, making it accessible to pre-school children not able to read.

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  • Symbols are also used to help children explain and communicate by choosing the relevant symbol, for example symbolised cards to answer the question, "How are you feeling today?"

    From the Symbols Inclusion Project

    Behavioural Prompts Pack

  • We believe that symbols give our students a greater understanding and accessibility of everyday life around school and are inclusive to the whole school community.

    Allison Denton, Brooke School

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  • Using Widgit Point has successfully allowed learners with low literacy levels and students and parents with English as a second language (EAL) to more fully engage with their virtual learning needs.

    Kris Williams, James Rennie School

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  • Rebecca keeps her symbol communication album with her at all times... When she left school to go to college she still used her symbol album and now has a communication aid. Rebecca has an American pen friend who communicates using symbols.

    Rebecca's story from 'Symbols Literacy and Social Justice'

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