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Create inclusive and educational spaces for all visitors

Attractions welcome a wide range of visitors, including foreign tourists, school groups and other people who may have difficulty in accessing text.

Widgit symbols which encapsulate the main idea of an exhibit can cater for all these groups and convey information quickly and effectively.

Adding symbols to accessible education programmes can enhance learning for school groups during their visit, and symbol-supported signage helps visitors navigate their way around a site.

Widgit tourism and arts symbols
More about symbols:
  • Action for Children's Arts

    At the J.M Barrie Awards 2016 Tom Jelley received the ACA Member's Award for individials and organisations whose work enriches childrens lives through the arts.

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    ACA J.M. Barrie Awards 2016
  • The Shippey Campaign

    How one family set up a campaign to encouraging sports stadia to provide viewing facilities for those with sensory difficulties.

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    The Shippey Campaign - encouraging sports stadia to provide viewing facilities for those with sensory difficulties
  • Relaxed performances take centre stage
    Ambassador Theatre Group support visitors to their pantomimes with symbol resources and communication card.

    Theater goers are delighted with the symbol resources.

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  • The Sensory Trust and Eden Project produced an accessible Father Christmas experience this year which was suitable for children who had additional needs included a “Father Christmas Trail” with Widgit symbols.

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  • The My First Ballet series from the English National Ballet brings young audiences their first taste of ballet through the magic of fairy tales, captivating music and beautiful dance.

    A set of free symbol resources make ballet more accessible to children with learning difficulties and disabilities.

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  • I think one of the most exciting and innovative parts of this project is the creation of the symbol/tactile signs.

    These symbols are such an asset to the non-verbal children who use the playpark and help them with their communication.

    Miriam Guard, The Playpark

    Read about The Playpark

  • This was a great opportunity to introduce the museum's visitors to symbol communication.

    It also brought a new way of interpreting exhibitions and will become a natural addition to the museum's public interface wherever appropriate.

    Foundling Museum

    Find out more

  • I think the Widgit system is an excellent way of enforcing our Access For All policy, and I am very keen to help everyone get the most that they can from a visit to Barnstaple Heritage Centre.

    Barnstaple Heritage Centre

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  • The aim of including symbols on the directional signage around the centre was to provide simple, identifiable objects that all members of the community would be able to recognise and associate with to improve their visit and guide them around the facilities.

    Mark Owers, Chelmsford Borough Council

    Read about the symbol signs

Who symbols can help

Widgit uses symbols to support people with communication, language or learning disabilities.
Who uses symbols?

  • In the UK, there are 10.9 million people registered with a disability (1)

  • 2.1 million people are registered with a communication disability (1)

  • The 'Report for signage and wayfinding for people with learning difficulties' for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, 2006 states:

    "Good signage could provide many benefits to people with learning difficulties. Evidence showed that clear and simple signage, using both symbols or pictures along with text, was found to be beneficial by many people." (2)

  • The Equality Act 2010 put a responsibility on all organisations to make reasonable adjustments to meet the needs of disabled people: www.gov.uk/rights-disabled-person

Widgit Symbols add visual support to the printed word, opening up the world of information to those otherwise excluded from it.
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  • Appeal to children
  • Engage foreign visitors
  • Easy to follow signage
  • Enhance education
  • Support key messages
  • Involve specific groups
  • Create an inclusive

Health Communication Book

Create your own materials

Communicate Series BundleInPrint 3

Create symbol materials to print
Widgit symbols, along with the powerful features and freedom of layout of desktop publishing, help to create materials that have a professional look.

Communicate Series BundleWidgit Symbols Glossary

Symbol reference document
A printed or PDF index of all the Widgit Symbols arranged into categories.

Best Practice Guides

Information on using symbols effectively
A comprehensive guide to using Widgit symbols. This guide explains the different methods of symbolisation and provides practical advice on achieving good symbolised content.

Copyright guidance

Contact us for the right support
If you are using Widgit Symbols, please contact us for copyright permission and acknowledgments. We can also offer advice on using symbols and best practice. copyright@widgit.com

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Design Studio

Have you experienced problems communicating
with members of the public?

Are your documents accessible to all your clients?

We can create accessible symbol information, tailored to your needs.

Our specialist design team will work in partnership with your organisation to produce symbolised documents which cater for your individual requirements.

Bespoke service
We consult with you throughout the design process, creating new symbols where necessary, to ensure that the end result is fit for purpose and appropriate for the different needs of your client base.

Best practice
We can also work with you to develop your understanding and knowledge of “best practice” in symbol accessibility and suggest the most appropriate language for your information.

Meeting your responsibilities
An inclusive approach to the design of your product or service will help you to ensure compliance with current legislation on accessibility.

Design studio services include:

  • Translating information into symbols
  • Symbol design
  • Symbol signage
  • Development of resources
  • Converting text to easy read
  • Design and layout
  • Support in a wide range of media
  • Licensing symbols
  • Advice and training

Get in touch

If you want help with accessibility or have an idea for a resources, please contact us.

For design services, email

For copyright permission, email

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