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Dressing For The WeatherDressing For The Weather

A fun card game from The Sensory Trust that encourages children to consider how to best dress for the weather.

Puffin on the Beach

An illustrated book with Widgit Symbols. Plus additional set of over 40 resources.

The Widgit Symbol Collection 2013The Widgit Symbol Collection 2013

A 280 page glossary listing of the Widgit symbol set. Including all the symbols up to 2013.

Lets Sign Dictionary
Let's Sign Dictionary

A printed dictionary of graphics to support BSL users

Symbols, Literacy and Social Justice

An internationally focused book about symbols and literacy.

Maths Pack

Vocabulary flashcards from Reception to Year 6 to support the complete National Numeracy Strategy

Language Development Packs

Language resources by Catherine Redmayne, to use with InPrint

Pupil Voice

A practical resource designed to develop skills in listening and responding to the learner

The Play Doctors
The Play Doctors

Supporting the inclusion of all children into education, early years, play, home and childcare.


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