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Picture Dictionary for Your Website

Point is an online tool that uses Widgit Symbols to help visitors to your website understand the written content better.

Using Point is extremely simple: when the user hovers the cursor over a word, Point displays a small box containing symbols illustrating the meaning of the word.

Point - Widgit symbols on your website.

Using Point is extremely simple: when the user hovers the cursor over a word, Point displays a small box containing symbols illustrating the meaning of the word.

Point helps people learning to read, people with English as an Additional Language (EAL) or individuals with reading difficulties.

Point acts as a useful prompt for anyone reading new or unfamiliar words, giving reinforcement of word meaning and building confidence.

Adding Point to your website is simple. There is no need to change your layout or design. Symbol support can be turned on and off as needed.

Point in action. Displaying Widgit Symbols on a website.

Close up of Point displaying Widgit Symbols on a webpage.

Widgit supply the Point tool with some JavaScript code for embedding into a website, learning platform, blog or wiki, and a set of simple installation instructions to follow.

Successful integration of Point into a website, learning platform, blog or wiki, will require  some web development skills, but Widgit’s experienced technical support team will give support to all client projects to ensure a successful integration of the Point tool.

If you would like to read the technical description, or want to pass on the details to your technical expert, please click this link:

Technical explanation

Widgit do offer an evaluation period for the Point tool, so if you want to test symbol support before you 'go live', an evaluation account can be set up for an agreed period of time.

If you require any further details on point accounts or evaluation accounts, or have a particular question or query, please contact point@widgit.com

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Portland Academy

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Point on AbilityNet

We’ve previously been able to help people with physical or sensory impairments to use a computer and Widgit’s Point software now meets the requirement for making websites more accessible to people with cognitive difficulties. The Widgit symbols are ideal for people who find text difficult to use or access as they provide visual prompts which illustrate the meaning of individual words.


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Point Support

Techical support, links to the latest version and answers to common questions:

Point help centre

Techical Description

Point is an easily installed and configured AJAX service that enables you to use Widgit Symbols to support the content on your website.

Full technical description

System Requirements

Point requires a server running PHP 4.3.0 or ASP.NET and a browser such as Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 2, Opera 9, Safari 3 or Google Chrome; with JavaScript enabled.

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Website Size 1 Year 3 Years
Small Website £282 £564
Medium Website £562 £1124
Large Website £1067 £2134
Extra Large Website £1782 £3564

All prices are quoted ex VAT

Point Pricing
Prices are available for Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Special Schools. Please contact the office for a quote.

To order point or recieve a quote, please contact us:

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