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Legal Responsibilities


The UK’s Equality Act 2010 places an obligation on all organisations to ensure that any services they provide for members of the public are extended equally to people with disabilities, including those who have difficulty in reading or understanding the meaning of words.

The key principles in this legislation include rights, independence, choice and inclusion. The emphasis is on what people can do, and not what they are unable to do. For educational institutions, it is unlawful to discriminate against people with learning disabilities, not only in providing education, but also in wider services such as admissions, welfare and careers advice. There is a legal obligation upon many businesses to make their services accessible to everyone.

It provides legal rights for disabled people in the areas of:  

  • employment
  • education
  • access to goods, services and facilities including larger private clubs and land based transport services
  • buying and renting land or property
  • functions of public bodies, for example the issuing of licences


Adjustments have to be made for people when accessing services where it is reasonable for the service provider to make these adjustments. This might include the provision of information in a format that is accessible to them. 


Information and signage in simple and alternative formats helps people with severe learning disabilities.

Most larger museums, galleries and buildings now have visual and tactile signs and easily understood symbols.

Routes should be clearly marked with easy identification of what each room in the building is for - with clear ways in and out.


isability and the Equality Act 2010

isability and the Equality Act 2010

accessible services

symbol form


Symbol isgnage

Practical suggestions for making signs easier to read:

  • could you use more signs or use them more effectively in your premises? Signs that work best are:
  • simple and short
  • easily read and understood with clear typefaces in a mixture of upper and lower case
  • well-contrasted with background (i.e. with strong contrast of light and dark between lettering and background)
  • supplemented by visual/pictorial symbols.


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