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Widgit Writer

Create symbol documents on your iPad with this new app that integrates with your Widgit Online account for free

Widgit Go

Symbol activities and grids for your iPad. Use it in the home, in the classroom or on the go.

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Early Language
Screening Tools

NEW: Assess early language and verbal comprehension - suitable for practitioners, teachers and parents.

Widgit Vocab

Widgit Vocab is a series of iPad apps designed to develop basic vocabulary. Widgit Vocab can help extend a user's vocabulary range with listening, speaking and reading activities


Apps for young learners and pupils who need support in learning about sentences and the elements that construct them.

Discover Series

Learning and communication support for children studying a new subject. The first three apps cover Tudors, Victorians and Egyptians.


Widgit Symbols working in Scene and Heard


The free symbol website you can view on your iPad.
SymbolWorld is a website dedicated to symbol users of all ages. It enables symbol users to access information independently which might not otherwise be available to them. Symbolworld contains a huge variety of articles, stories and information. With 100s of articles, updated weekly, symbolworld is an excellent free resource for symbol users of all ages.

Go to www.symbolworld.org

 odd one out appThe grid player

Symbol apps for the iPad

iPads and tablets offer new and exciting possibilities for enhancing communication so Widgit have licenced symbols to a number of developers to use in their apps.

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