Becoming a Symbol-Friendly Organisation

Symbol-friendly logos

Communication is not just about words, it’s about understanding.

We’re living in an inclusion era. 1 in 5 of your customers belong to a group who would feel more included, confident and safe with a communication-forward organisation.

Symbols are a powerful tool that we can all use to help us communicate, however we see the world. With help from Widgit Symbols, you can champion accessible experiences, attract more customers, and tell better stories.

It's not always bvious when someone feels excluded
20% of the UK's population experience communication difficulties. Royal college of Speech and language Therapists, 2018
57% of consumers are more loyal to brands committed to addressing  social inequalities in their actions. Jennifer Veenstra, Managing Director at Deloitte

Symbol-Friendly Lady Explaining

By following our symbol-friendly guidelines and incorporating Widgit Symbols into your offering, you convey a powerful message of inclusivity, demonstrating your commitment to people with diverse communication needs.

Symbol-friendly logo guide

Symbol-friendly materials that work for you

Our design and education experts will work with you to create accessible materials that meet your customers’ requirements, while following your brand guidelines.

Your symbol-friendly partnership includes:

  • Review of your symbol-friendly requirements
  • Creation of accessible symbol materials
  • Use of the official symbol-friendly mark
  • Symbol-friendly media pack to support internal and external announcements
  • Staff training on effective use of symbol-friendly resources
Widgit Symb0l-friendly team

Criteria for symbol-friendly organisations

From defining the needs of your customers to onboarding the symbol-friendly ethos within your team, our criteria for symbol-friendly organisations will help you on your journey.

16.4% of adults in England, or 7.1 million people, can be described as having poor literacy skills. National Literact Trust

Nottingham Trams

The symbolised guides produced in collaboration with Widgit Software allow those of any age with a hidden disability or literacy difficulty to travel with confidence on our network.

Rebecca Horne,
Business Engagement Manager,
Nottingham Trams Limited

Symbol-friendly resources for Nottingham Trams

Join our symbol-friendly network

Symbolfriendly network
Symbolfriendly network
  • Empower all visitors such as non-native language, low-literacy, and non-verbal customers so they may fully engage with the experiences you provide.
  • Build a positive brand image as a socially responsible, compassionate and inclusive business that strives to foster a friendly environment where everyone feels valued.
  • Ensure better compliance with the 2010 Equality Act, meeting legal and regulatory requirements for accessibility and inclusion.

Review of your symbol-friendly requirements

Creation of accessible symbol materials

Staff training for symbol-friendly resources