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  Immunisation Information

A step by step explanation of what will happen when a child receives an immunisation.

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pdf files FREE

  Having a Tracheostomy

For young people and their families to help them understand the process of having a tracheostomy


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pdf files FREE

  Widgit Health Symbols 2013

A collection of symbols specifically designed for use in healthcare settings


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pdf files £50

  Hospital Procedures

Developed in association with Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

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pdf files  £40   £20

  Mental Health Pack

Symbol communication tool for psychiatric evaluation and explaining patient rights

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Printed £50

  ICE Communication Cards

Widgit 'In Case of Emergency' Cards with
fold out Symbol Communication Sheet

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Printed From £2.50

  Diabetes Symbol Resources

Symbol supported versions of the Alphabet Strategy Diabetes Cards

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pdf files FREE

  Communication Passport for A&E

Developed by Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

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pdf files FREE

  First Aid Communication Booklet

Symbols communication tool for all First Aiders

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Printed From £6

  First Responce Communication Book

Symbols communication tool for medical professionals

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Printed From £30

  Patient Communication Sheet

For supporting patients communicating in hospital


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