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ICE Communication Cards

In Case of Emergency, communication and safeguarding tool

The ICE cards contain information about your contacts, medical needs and a easy to use commuication sheets for any emergency.

An ICE Card is something you should carry in your wallet everywhere you go.

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What is ICE?

ICE stands for “In Case of Emergency”, and describes a system whereby Medical Professionals can find next of kin details quickly in an emergency situation.


What is an ICE Card?

ICE Cards contain the contact details of the people you wish to be contacted in an emergency. They also contain all the important information about your health and medical requirements. Medical professionals are trained to look for an ICE card in any situation where this information is needed.


Our ICE Communication Card

The Widgit ICE Card is credit card sized, and easily folds out to a larger sheet. One side contains your ICE information, with each section illustrated by a symbol. On the reverse is a symbol communication sheet.

The communication sheet provides easy access to a pain scale and core responses that may be used at any time. For example, the responses ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

Ice cards

Ice cards



It is recommended that everyone carries an ICE card: they save time and save lives in medical emergencies.

The symbol communication sheet gives a quick visual tool that can be used by anyone to clarify understanding.

  • If a person cannot hear or speak as a result of an accident then symbols are a very effective tool to aid communication..

  • For people travelling in a foreign country, symbols can aid communication with people who speak another language.

  • Symbols are a common information tool used by people with a learning impairment or a communication challenge, for example Autism, Down's Syndrome or Dyslexia

  • The elderly are particularly vulnerable as they may depend more on medication and suffer injuries more easily.

  • People with dementia may find it easier to use symbols when communicating in a emergency situation.

  • People suffering a stroke may slur their speech and find it difficult to find words or understand speech.

Everyone needs an ICE Communication Card, because you should be prepared for any emergency situation and it might save your life.


There are 2.1 million people in Great Britain registered with a Communication Disability

and 1.9 million people registered with a Memory, Concentration or Learning Disability.

Office for Disability Issues,
HM Government
Disability facts and figures

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