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  • Your software InPrint 2 has been really helpful and made a huge difference in Mohamed’s life. He is less aggressive and is coping really well with changes in routine.

    Every day we write a story about his day. This helps him to relieve his anxiety.

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  • I would like to thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart. Your InPrint and SymWriter 2 have been life savers for my severely autistic son. The quality of life for our family is so much better.

    From Linda, the mother of an autistic boy

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  • It has been a long journey for Charles and us on the communication pathway and we still have a long road to travel but with the help and experience of the staff at Widgit that road now feels a lot shorter. Thank you so much for all your support.

    John & Barbara, Charles' mum & dad

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  • I have been writing stories for
    him using symbols for a while and he loves them. I feel so proud of him when he tries to read them to me. He starts High School soon and symbols will be a big part of his learning and his communication.

    Julie shares these stories with other children through symbolworld.org and our website.

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  • With Iain’s help, I produced symbols of the things that make him feel anxious and which help him to feel calm. I cut them up and we played a sorting game.

    I showed the staff at his respite centre how to use the cards and this contributed to a much calmer stay for Iain next time round!

    Iain's mother talks about their symbols

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  • In a study with adults with learning disabilities, comprehension was significantly higher for symbolised text than non-symbolised.

    Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 51(7)

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  • I love this. What a great way to share the world with everyone. My grandson is autistic and pictures are a great way for he and I to communicate.

    Just brilliant to recommend to schools and families who are on tight budgets.


  • We use the program to produce pages for questions, conversation and communicating needs. Sacha also has a day board in his room, where we use symbols to show him his timetable for the day.

    The symbols and software are invaluable to my son.

    Sacha's mother talks their symbols

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  • Rebecca keeps her symbol communication album with her at all times... When she left school to go to college she still used her symbol album and now has a communication aid. Rebecca has an American pen friend who communicates using symbols.

    Rebecca's story from 'Symbols Literacy and Social Justice'

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