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Bodies, Emotions and Relationships

13 activities based on bodies, emotions and relationships

A pack to learn about our bodies, forming relationships and the emotions surrounding them.

The pack uses the Widgit Symbols and include full literature. The content of the pack has been devised by Thomas Anthony.



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Contentsa page from the stoyr about Paul and Lisa

  • Match
    Match the picture to the word
  • Our Bodies
    Write the body part in the boxes
  • Body Puzzle
    Two levels of puzzle to arrange the cards in the correct order
  • Paul and Lisa - supported
    A symbol supported story about Paul and Lisa and their relationship
  • Paul and Lisa - text
    A story about about Paul and Lisa and their relationship
  • Feelings
    Draw a circle around the emotions Paul and Lisa may have felt
  • Missing words flashcards
    Use the flashcards to fill in the missing words about Paul and Lisa
  • Sexual emotions and behaviours
    Draw a circle around the emotions you may personally feel
  • Sex flashcards
    Question and answer flashcard activity
  • Relationship circle
    Write the names of the people in your life in the correct circles to identify boundaries and relationships
  • Personal relationships feelings chart
    Write the names and feelings towards each individual in your life on to the chart
  • Do's and Don't's
    Flashcards of things you should and shouldn't do
  • Pictures
    Pictures to colour

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