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Flashcards and vocabulary activities for the iPad

Widgit Vocab is a series of iPad apps specifically designed to introduce and develop basic vocabulary around a range of different themes. Widgit Vocab can help extend a user's vocabulary range with listening, speaking and reading activities.

Developed in conjunction with education and speech and language professionals, these fun activities are ideal for home, classroom and therapy use.

Widgit Vocab apps are available to purchase through iTunes for £2.99 each. You can browse through the series, using the titles below, for more information on each app.

For Teachers

Students can use the Widgit Vocab series to practise their vocabulary range through listening, speaking and reading activities. These apps are perfect for independent activities during lesson time. Use the series to support vocabulary development across a variety of subjects. Differentiation, progression and challenge have all been carefully considered while designing these apps.

For Parents

Parents can use the Widgit Vocab series to continue vocabulary, language or speech and language therapy sessions at home or on the go.

The rewards and certificates linked to each activity provide instant feedback, encouragement and motivation for the user. Printable flashcards allow you to create other fun and interactive games linked to the vocabulary.

For Speech & Language

Speech therapy can start with the tap of a button. Widgit Vocab apps are great for SLTs who frequently move between different classrooms and establishments. You can carefully select the activity to meet speech therapy objectives/targets. For example, there are activities without speech or without words to allow you to focus on comprehension or receptive language.


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