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A series of apps to develop early language skills

Symbols2Write is a series of apps for the iPad and Windows devices that have been specifically designed to support pupils through the process of writing. Young learners and pupils who need support in learning about sentences and the elements that construct them, can access this series of applications to support and improve their writing.

Starting from the very basics using pictures and symbols, pupils are led through simple sentence construction – subject, verb, object adding adjectives and prepositions, moving onto writing their own sentences from the given vocabulary or from picture stimuli.

Purchasing Options

AppleiPad Apps available for £5.99 from iTunes, these are a great addition to an iPad for supported learning. Follow the links below.

WindowsWindows versions available from Widgit’s website individually for parents at £4.99 and a school site licence at £49 for the set of three applications currently available in the Symbols2Write series.  


App bundle Symbols2 Write Bundle

Get the whole collection for a discounted price: £23.96  £19.99

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These resources were developed in partnership with Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust.

Illustrations by Alan Birch, alanbirch@blueyonder.co.uk

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