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Technical Description

Point is an easily installed and configured AJAX service that enables you to use Widgit Symbols to support the content on your website.

When a visitor to your website hovers their mouse over a word, a request is sent from your web server via a secure proxy to the Widgit symbolisation server. The symbolisation server responds with a list of symbols that match the word and they are displayed to the visitor.

Integrating Point into your website is a straightforward procedure. There are two configuration files to edit, lines to add to your page header and a handful of client files to upload. The client files can be provided as PHP or ASHX (for ASP.NET), depending on the type of server that you are running. Everything else is hosted on the Widgit symbolisation server, so there is no ongoing maintenance or storage overhead and you can be sure that you will always have access to the latest Widgit Symbols and vocabulary.

Once Point is installed, you can choose which content will be supported with symbols by simply adding a CSS class to the appropriate HTML element.

You can choose the name of the CSS class in your configuration files. You can also configure the display size of symbols and exclude specific words from being symbolised at all.


System Requirements

Point requires a server running PHP 4.3.0 or ASP.NET and a modern browser such as Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 2, Opera 9, Safari 3 or Google Chrome; with JavaScript enabled.

Technical Support for Point

If you have a technical question about Point, contact Tim by emailing tim@widgit.com

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