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Lifelong support for adults who have communication or language difficulties

Communication difficulties can have a major impact on an adult’s ability to cope with social situations, make choices and express their needs.

Widgit symbols provide adults with a clear, structured language which is ideal for communication. It can help adults express their emotions, communicate their ideas and ease difficult situations. Using a range of symbol resources and strategies can give people the freedom to learn and be independent.

Early yaears symbols
More about symbols:
  • Imagine how fantastic it is when a student can look at a piece of symbol-supported text and make sense of what they are seeing!

    College Lecturer

    College staff make a huge variety of symbol resources that support all curriculum areas. Student understanding is enhanced by using symbols in practical activities.

  • We believe that symbols give our students a greater understanding and accessibility of everyday life around school and are inclusive to the whole school community.

    Allison Denton, Brooke School

    More on symbol signage from Widgit

  • Rebecca keeps her symbol communication album with her at all times... When she left school to go to college she still used her symbol album and now has a communication aid. Rebecca has an American pen friend who communicates using symbols.

    Rebecca's story from 'Symbols Literacy and Social Justice'

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Who symbols can help

Widgit uses symbols to support people with communication, language or learning disabilities.
Who uses symbols?

  • At least half of all adults with a learning disability live in the family home - meaning that many don't get the same chances as other people to gain independence, learn key skills and make choices about their own lives. (1)

  • 24% of adults with a learning disability attend a day care centre (2)

  • 'Easy read' resources support independence for adults with a learning disability (3)

Widgit Symbols add visual support to the printed word, opening up the world of information to those otherwise excluded from it.
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  • Support independent living
  • Enhance life skill development
  • Improve behaviour
  • Enable smooth transition to life beyond education

Health Communication Book

Create your own materials

Communicate Series BundleInPrint 3

Create symbol materials to print
Widgit symbols, along with the powerful features and freedom of layout of desktop publishing, help to create materials that have a professional look.

Communicate Series BundleSymWriter 2

Easy symbol writing for everyone
SymWriter 2 is a symbol-supported word processor that any writer, regardless of literacy levels, can use to create documents.

Communicate Series BundleWidgit Online

Create, save and share online
Widgit Online allows you to create, save and share symbol documents and grids in your web browser.

Software Bundle

Widgit Essentials Bundle

InPrint 3

SymWriter 2

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Five £699
Ten £959
Twenty     £1,339
Thirty £1,459

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Fun and educational apps

Widgit Go

Widgit Go is an app for creating activities and grids to support communication, learning and language development. Use it in the home, in the classroom or on the go.


Communicate Series BundleWidgit Vocab

Widgit Vocab is a series of iPad apps designed to develop basic vocabulary. Widgit Vocab can help extend a user's vocabulary range with listening, speaking and reading activities.


Symbolworld is a free website dedicated to symbol users of all ages. It contains a huge variety of articles, stories and information.


App Bundles

Widgit Essentials Bundle

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To discuss our software and services, please call 01926 333680, or email info@widgit.com

Hundreds of free and low-cost symbol resource packs, created in partnership with professionals

Choices and Planning

A great resource to encourage self advocacy within personal care planning.

Format: Price:
CIP filesCIP files from £30


Road Safety

11 activities for teaching how to cross the road safely, understanding traffic lights and pedestrian crossings.

Format: Price:
CIP files £7



58 recipes, topic books and workbooks for snacks, starters, dinners and desserts + FREE sample book.

Format: Price:
CIP files £50


Design Studio

Had an idea for a resource?

Want to create a more accessible environment?

We can create accessible symbol information, tailored to your needs.

Our specialist design team will work in partnership with your organisation to produce symbolised documents which cater for your individual requirements.

Bespoke service
We consult with you throughout the design process, creating new symbols where necessary, to ensure that the end result is fit for purpose and appropriate for the different needs of your client base.

Best practice
We can also work with you to develop your understanding and knowledge of “best practice” in symbol accessibility and suggest the most appropriate language for your information.

Meeting your responsibilities
An inclusive approach to the design of your product or service will help you to ensure compliance with current legislation on accessibility.

Design studio services include:

  • Translating information into symbols
  • Symbol design
  • Symbol signage
  • Development of resources
  • Converting text to easy read
  • Design and layout
  • Support in a wide range of media
  • Licensing symbols
  • Advice and training

Get in touch

If you want help with accessibility or have an idea for a resources, please contact us.

For design services, email

For copyright permission, email

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