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Signalong Basic Vocabulary Phase 1
Companion CD

Phase 1 Companian DCSignalong graphics for use within InPrint 2and SymWriter

Signalong is a registered charity which provides resources and training in visual communication based on British Sign Language, for more information please visit www.signalong.org.uk.

The Signalong Basic Vocabulary Phase 1 graphics can now be used within InPrint 2 and SymWriter.

As the publisher of the UK's largest illustrated sign vocabulary, Signalong was keen to team up with Widgit to extend the reach and use of its sign vocabulary.

With a vocabulary of 360 signs, Phase 1 is a useful introduction to the Signalong system, and the sign illustrations on this disc can be used within InPrint 2 or SymWriter to create inclusive resources and activities.


Signalong Symbols


Signalong Basic Vocabulary Phase 1 Signalong Basic Vocabulary Phase 1 Manual

All you need to know about the Signalong graphics contained within the Basic Vocabulary Phase 1 collection

Signalong's Basic Vocabulary Phase 1 manual contains detailed diagrams and instructions which provide clear guidelines for signing all the vocabulary contained within the Phase 1 collection.

When the Signalong Basic Vocabulary Phase 1 manual was first published in 1992, it broke new ground in sign-supported communication, offering greater access to signs for people with verbal communication difficulties.

Developed to support language development in a special school, it contains functional vocabulary; the original edition was based on the requirements of the Derbyshire Language Scheme (one-word level) and Anne Locke's Living Language programme, with additional signs requested by parents. Since then it has been adapted to include further vocabulary.

The manual also contains a wealth of information about signing and communication, the ideal introduction to the Signalong system.


Recommended running specifications: Requires InPrint 2 or SymWriter.


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Phase 1 manual + companion CD (single-user) £65
Companion CD only (single-user) £50
Companion CD only (multi-user) £95

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