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AAC app for the iPad with Widgit Symbol support

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Scene & Heard is a Visual Scene Display augmentative communication aid on the iPad, iPod Touch or the iPhone!

What is Scene & Heard?

Scene & Heard is the exciting new application from Therapy Box for the iPad, which showcases Widgit Symbols.

Led by Rebecca Bright, a speech and language therapist, and Swapnil Gadgil, an ex-telecom professional, tboxapps combine the expertise of therapy and telecom to provide a unique partnership for delivering effective communication tools on mainstream technology.

Using the visual scene display approach to augmentative communication, Scene & Heard is a flexible and intuitive Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) device for therapists, families and a range of AAC users.

In a snap shot, Scene & Heard allows you to use any image or photo to create the basis of communication.


How does Scene & Heard work?

Scene & Heard allows Widgit Symbols to be added beneath a visual image 'scene' to support understanding, or to convey a message. 'Hot spots', or small active areas of an image, can also be added to the scene to aid in communication.

Spoken messages, videos, more symbols or a link to a new scene can also be added to create a powerful and motivating communication tool.

Scene & Heard can be used as a simple, single message device, offering an entry level for AAC users, teaching the importance of cause and effect.

In addition, the application can be used as a multi-scene dynamic system, which allows incorporation of maps, menus and photos around the house and community, linked in with videos and messages for communicators who rely on or benefit from contextual cues.

For example, the scenes on the right would allow an AAC user to talk about their experiences, such as a trip to the dentist, or playing in the park.

These examples show how Widgit Symbols can be used within Scene & Heard in health care settings to assist individuals with particular communication difficulties, or anyone that may find themselves with communication difficulties as the result of a hospital procedure.

The possibilities are endless!


Scene & Heard features:

  • Access to over 10,000 Widgit Symbols
  • Creation of hot spots with multiple actions, including:
    • Video files
    • Spoken messages (the flexibility of recording your own voice allows for multilingual access)
    • Pop up of symbols specifically related to the hot spot
  • Link to a new scene
  • Schedule a scene to appear and disappear at relevant times
  • Create and store as many scenes as you like
  • Share your scenes using ready-to-send email, or receive scenes from others to start using instantly

Price: £34.99

For more information on Scene & Heard, please visit www.therapy-box.co.uk

Available to purchase from itunes.apple.com

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Scene & Heard


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