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Primary Resource Bundle

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and download a resource col lection that will support teaching and learning within a primary school setting.

With over 1,000 books, activities and support sheets, you can easily differentiate your primary curriculum to meet the pupils’ needs.

This bundle is a collection of our most popular teaching resources and provides a solid foundation for inclusive and personalised learning.

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Primary Resource Bundle SymWriter 2InPrint 3 file £341 £230
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Primary Resource Bundle SymWriter 2SymWriter 2 £341 £230
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Primary Resource Bundle will be delivered on CD

InPrint 3 files If you've already purchased the Primary Curriculum Bundle for InPrint 2 you can purchase a replacement InPrint 3 version with proof of purchase for £15, plus postage and VAT.

Contact our sales team on 01926 333680 or email info@widgit.com


One Symbol Book
One Symbol Book

Supported Book
Supported Book

Sentence Matching
Sentence Matching


Vocabulary ListVocabulary List



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