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Dolch Word Lists

SymWriter support for Dolch word lists.

This gives you the option in SymWriter to not see the symbols for words in a Dolch list.

The Dolch Word Lists were developed by Edward W. Dolch who found the 220 most common words that appear over and over again. These words are of course included in the standard wordlists for Widgit symbol programs. However, as students acquire these words, teachers may prefer to offer them without symbols in the writing software Symwriter.

Widgit has made a set of wordlists that can be used as additional lists alongside the default list in SymWriter so that the Dolch words are not automatically symbolised.

More Information about the Dolch Word Lisrs: www.mrsperkins.com/dolch.htm



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Dolch Words for SymWriter cip file FREE
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The Dolch wordlists for SymWriter, turn off the symbols for the target Dolch words.  The symbols are still accessible through the ‘symbol chooser’ panel. 
The wordlists are split into year groups, and a list of common nouns. There are also combined lists that include all the Dolch words and nouns.

  • Dolch Pre-primer
  • Dolch Primer
  • Dolch First
  • Dolch Second
  • Dolch Third
  • Dolch Nounswordlists panel
  • Dolch All
  • Dolch All + Nouns

cip file Loading the Dolch Wordlists in SymWriter 1

Running the installer will put the wordlists into the SymWriter ‘Topic Wordlists’ folder.

To load the wordlists in SymWriter, go to the ‘Symbol’ menu, then select ‘Wordlists/Choose wordlist’. In the Wordlists dialogue, select the Dolch lists that you wish to use.

If you want to set a default wordlists that always runs with the program, you can set this in ‘Preferences’ under the ‘Tools’ menu. Under the ‘Symbol Source’ tab, select the ‘Default Wordlist’ you require.

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