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World War I – Environments

25 Information, comprehension and writing activities on World War I

The World War I material is divided into 5 topics. For each topic, there is a talking information environment where sentences can be built up in the document, spoken as they are inserted, and eventually printed. This is followed by two comprehension activities, a structured writing activity and a word bank for students writing from the computer.

Available in a symbolised format or text only format.

World War 1 Environments


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World War I - Symbolised Version SymWriter 2 FREE
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World War I - Text Only Version SymWriter 2 FREE
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Each topic has five activities:

  • Listen and Copy
  • Questions
  • True or False
  • Writing
  • Vocabulary

World War I Road to War

These activities cover an overview of the events that led to World War 1 which also include information about the pre-war world of Empires, dates, alliances, locations, and the aftermath of the war.

World War 1 - Road to War

World War I Technology

These activities explore the role that technology had in shaping the war in ways that had never been seen before, including information on: new destructive weaponry, industry, vehicles and medicine and therapies.

World War 1 - Technology

World War I The War

These activities focus on the way the war was fought, including information on: trench warfare, notable events during the war such as Christmas day, and the experiences of soldiers.

World War 1 - The War

World War I The War at Home

These activities look at the changing conditions of life at home during World War I, including information on: conscription for men, the lives of children, and new perceptions of the importance of women.

World War 1 - The War at Home

World War I Armistice and Remembrance

These activities look at the aftermath of the war and the way that we remember the end of the war and all soldiers who die in war.


World War 1 World War I -

A set of 5 simple books about World War I, each created for 5 different levels of reader


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CIP filesPDF files from £7

World War 1 World War I -

A set of World War I Activities based on the World War I books


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CIP filesPDF files from £7


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