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InPrint 3 UpdatesSoftware Updates

To download the latest version of InPrint 3, network installers or a free 21 day trial please visit:




Update History


* Symbol Update
* Bug Fixes


* Holding "shift" when dragging an item locks it to an axis
* The "Distribute rows/columns" feature can now be limited to selected rows/columns
* The Library now remembers its position when you save a document
* Allow ungrouping of multiple groups with Ctrl + Shift + G
* Improvements to using wordlists in documents
* Support for fonts not in the "Latin" writing system
* Support for EXIF rotation data when replacing symbols with photographs
* Large InPrint 2 documents now import faster and more reliably
* InPrint 2 documents have a different icon in the "Recent Files" widget
* Layout improvements on high resolution screens
* Improvements to recolouring symbols
* Option to show filename in resource library
* Other bug fixes


* Tables can be navigated with your arrow keys
* Template and Resource Tabs remember your last location across sessions
* Scrolling and page up/down functionality has been improved
* Spin box increments in inches mode are now smaller
* The "Tab" key can now be used to finish a retext and move to the next cell in a table
* Multiple selection in the page manager has been improved
* Keyboard shortcuts have been added for zoom (Ctrl +, Ctrl -, Ctrl 0)
* The Image Library is now case insensitive
* File and folder changes appear instantly in the Image Library
* Custom paper sizes scale correctly when printing in landscape orientation
* Other minor bug fixes


* Full support for Let's Sign BSL add-ons.
* Fit to height centres the page.
* Improved visibility of text selection marker on blue backgrounds.
* Enabled page up & down keys to scroll document.
* 'Paste in place' enabled for header and footer.

Bug fixes
* Undo fails after pasting a multiple selection.
* Images in InPrint 2 documents don't appear when imported and sometimes the file won't open.
* Unable to paste images copied directly from some web pages in Chrome.
* Single Core machines cannot open legacy files.
* Other bug fixes and performance improvements.


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