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Technical Description

Insite is a client/server solution that enables you to create, edit and display content using Widgit Symbols on your website. It consists of a visual editor that symbolises text as you type and the means to present the symbolised content once it has been created. Insite integrates with your existing Content Management System.

The editor is written in JavaScript and connects to our symbolisation server via a secure proxy. You can choose how work is saved from the editor to best fit the needs of your Content Management System (CMS). Once retrieved from your CMS, symbolised content can be displayed with a simple call to the Widgit symbolisation server.

Integrating Insite into your website requires a CMS to store and retrieve symbolised content and some work may be required to integrate it. Full documentation and example files are provided.

System Requirements

Insite requires a server running PHP 5 or ASP.NET. Using the Insite content editor also requires a modern browser such as Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 2, Opera 9, Safari 3 or Google Chrome; with JavaScript enabled.

Insite produces normal HTML, so the pages containing symbolised content do not require JavaScript.

Technical Support for Insite

If you have a technical question about Insite, contact Tim by emailing tim@widgit.com

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