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Updating from version 2.x to version 2.80.685b


This update contains the 2014 symbols which will increase your symbol library to over 14,000 images.

To access the new symbols in this update you need to load the wordlist 'widgit uk 14.cwl'.



Update history

V 2.80.685b - 2014 wordlists and installer updates

V 2.80.685 - Spring 2013 update, Minor bug fixes and cosmetic changes.

V 2.80.675 - Minor bug fixes.

V 2.80.670 - Minor bug fixes, Improved support for UNC paths.

V 2.80.660 - Minor bug fixes.

V 2.80.655 - Minor bug fixes.

V 2.80.645 - Contains the free symbol update, Spring 2011, including over 1,000 new symbols.

V 2.8 - New features in creating tables. See New features in Communicate In Print 2.80.5 for details.

V 2.8 - Contains the free symbol update, Winter 2008, including over 2,000 new symbols.

V 2.67 - Minor Bug fixes.

V 2.65 - Minor bug fixes and new features.

V 2.52 - Minor bug fixes.

V 2.24 - Fixed a problem where sometimes when opening a file or switching to the graphics panel caused a "wordlist cannot be found message"

V 2.20 - Minor bug fixes.

V 2.12 - You can now paste a graphic from the Windows clipboard with CTRL + ALT +V ( to match CTRL + ALT + C ).

V 2.11 - Drag and drop from explorer ( rather than import through browsing ) could cause imported graphics to go missing - this is fixed in this version.

V 2.10 - Conflicts with the text-to-speech engines provided with other software could cause Communicate In Print 2 to hang at startup - this is fixed in this version



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