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By Choice - Interactive on-screen activities that encourage students to learn by choosing.
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By Choice

Interactive onscreen activities

Communicate: By Choice supports users to learn to make choices. It includes more than 100 activities that are ready to use and are quick and easy to edit.

The activities cover topics such as comprehension, sequencing and visual discrimination.

By Choice is fully switch-accessible and great for use on interactive whiteboards and touch screens.

Communicate: By Choice

Customised content

You can easily change resources to suit levels of learning and age-appropriate needs. Clip art and photos can be used to personalise activities. It’s as simple as clicking on a new graphic and then clicking on the original graphic to replace it.

By Choice Activities

The activities cover a wide range of basic and curriculum tasks, from very simple tasks for students with severe learning difficulties to much more demanding cognitive tasks suitable for use in mainstream primary education and for all ages in special education.

Activity topics

  • Colour & shape
  • Language comprehension
  • Letter work
  • Memory
  • Number
  • Science
  • Sequencing & sorting
  • Visual discrimination
  • Word work

prepositions activity

fish sequencing

Communicate By Choice examples


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Included topics:

Color & shape Color & shape

Color & shape

  • Identifying by colors
  • Identifying shapes by two concepts
  • Understanding the language of color

General activities General activities

General activities

  • Open-ended activities such as schedules, and what I like
  • Single switch cause-and-effect

Language comprehension Language comprehension

Language comprehension

  • Word meanings
  • Categorizing skills
  • Guessing game
  • Similarities of function

Letter work Letter work

Letter work

  • Letter recognition
  • Upper to lower case matching
  • Alphabetical order

Memory Memory


  • Visual memory at different levels

Number Number


  • Counting,
  • Sequencing number,
  • Matching analog to digital clocks

Older learners Older learners

Older learners

Most activities in the main folders are suitable for all ages. This folder contains some especially designed for older learners.

Science Science


  • Materials,
  • Heavy and light, float or sink etc
  • Classification

Sequencing and sorting Sequencing and sorting

Sequencing & sorting

  • Sequencing shapes,
  • Sequencing times of day
  • Numbers
  • Sorting items

Visual discrimination Visual discrimination

Visual discrimination

  • Finding a target picture
  • Matching: identical images, shadows, etc
  • Odd-one-out at different levels
  • Finding image in a complex picture
  • Pairs, visually complex or visually similar

Word work Word work

Word work

  • Spelling,
  • Prepositions
  • Word meanings

find another blue caredited activity

It takes 2 minutes to click and replace the images and text in an activity.

You'll have instant access to the extensive collection of colour and black & white Widgit Symbols. And a host of additional pictures, symbols and sounds to help bring your activities to life. You can also add your own digital photographs, clipart, sounds or music. The editor has three levels of access:

  • Edit only - A quick and easy way to edit existing activities
  • Create & Edit - Create simple activities with more editing freedom
  • Expert - A fully-featured editor for those who want to create activities from scratch.

Also included are a number of example activities that demonstrate the potential of the program and give you a starting point for creating your own activities quickly.


For more information about editing and creating activities see out Help Sheets



Recommended running specification
Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 8
Pentium processor (450MHz min)
32MB RAM min, preferably 64MB and Sound Card
450mb hard disk space.
Minimum resolution of 800x600

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