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Snaps Photo Library

Photos for communication for InPrint 2 and SymWriter


The Snaps photo library is a collection of images of common objects ready for use in your communication materials and grids. Snaps is an add-on to use with InPrint 2 and Communicate: SymWriter.

Developed with Sensory Software, the Snaps library contains over 1,000 high-quality photographs of objects, covering topics such as clothes, food and drink, technology, animals, transport and the home. All the photos in the Snaps Library are matched to a Widgit Symbol.

This new library is just starting out, and many more photos will be added in the near future. All upgrades to the photo library will be free.


Add-on for InPrint 2

Snaps comes with a wordlist for use within InPrint 2. It also includes 34 sets of flashcards showing all the Snaps vocabulary. The flashcards are categorised into sets, showing the photo, the word and the symbol.

Inprint grid furniture   Inprint grid office 


Add-on for SymWriter

Snaps comes with a symbol set wordlist for use within SymWriter. It also includes environments that cover all of the Snaps vocabulary, split into the main nine categories listed below.

symwriter environment animals  symwriter environment food 


Add-on for The Grid

The Snaps libary is also available for use within The Grid from Sensory Software.


Sensory Software

the grid menu screen  the grid toys catagory 



snaps widgit symbols exampels

Snaps Vocabulary

Snaps includes over 1000 photos within 43 categories:

  • Animals
    • Aquatic
    • Birds
    • Domestic & farm
    • Equipment
    • Insects
    • Reptiles
    • Wild animals
  • Clothes
    • Accessories
    • General clothes
    • Under clothes
  • Food
    • Cooking objects
    • Desserts & snacks
    • Drinks
    • Fruits & nuts
    • General foods
    • Meat & fish
    • Savoury meals
    • Vegetables



  • Grooming
  • Home
    • Baby care
    • Bathroom
    • Domestic items
    • Furniture
    • Kitchen
  • Office
  • Recreation         
    • Arts & craft
    • Holidays
    • Instruments
    • Photography
    • Toys & games
    • TV, film and hi-fi
  • Technology
  • Transport



Recommended running specification
InPrint 2 or


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Twenty machine licence £240
Network machine licence £480

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