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Big Book Vocabulary Cards

Sets of flashcards for popular children's books

These packs include vocabulary cards with symbols, cards with text, cards with symbols and text, and smaller cards with words and phrases to support popular reading books. There are materials to support five books in each download pack.

text and symbol cardsHanda's Surprise cards


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Pack 1 InPrint 3 file £5.00
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Pack 2 InPrint 3 file £5.00
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Pack 3 InPrint 3 file £5.00
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Pack 4 InPrint 3 file £5.00
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Pack 5 - Julia Donaldson InPrint 3 file £5.00
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Set of 5 packs InPrint 3 file £15.00
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Pack 1 pdf file £10.00
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Pack 2 pdf file £10.00
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Each pack has four sets of cards:

Set 1. Large cards with symbols + text,
Set 2. Large cards with symbols only
Set 3. Large cards with text only (to use with sets 1 and 2)
Set 4. Smaller cards with words and phrases for sentence work

text cards
Text cards

text and symbol cards
Text and symbol cards

symbol cards
Symbol cards

sentence strips
Sentence strips

Each Pack Contains:

  • open and closePack 5 contains flashcards for:

    The Gruffalo

    by Julia Donaldson

    The Gruffalo's Child
    by Julia Donaldson

    Room on the Broom
    by Julia Donaldson

    The Snail and the Whale
    by Julia Donaldson

    Tyrannosaurus Drip
    by Julia Donaldson
  • open and closePack 4 contains flashcards for:

    Each Peach Pear Plum

    by Allan Ahlberg, Janet Ahlberg

    Good Little Wolf
    by Nadia Shireen

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar
    by Eric Carle

    The Enormous Turnip
    by Jan Lewis

    We're Going on a Bear Hunt
    by Michael Rosen
  • open and closePack 3 contains flashcards for:

    Red Bird

    by David Orme


    by Colin McNaughton

    Tidy Titch
    by Pat Hutchins

    The Tiger Who Came to Tea
    by Judith Kerr

    Where's My Teddy?
    by Jez Alborough
  • open and closePack 2 contains flashcards for:

    Owl Babies

    by Martin Waddell

    Peace At Last

    by Jill Murphy

    The Pig in the Pond
    by Martin Waddell

    Rabbit's Woolly Jumper

    by Mark Birchall

    The Rainbow Fish

    by Marcus Pfister
  • open and closePack 1 contains flashcards for:

    This Is The Bear
    and The Picnic Lunch

    by Sarah Hayes

    Elmer in the Snow

    by David McKee

    Handa's Surprise

    by Eileen Browne

    Hop, Hop Kangaroo

    by Saviour Pirotta

    What would we do without Missus Mac?

    by Gus Clarke


Why are the vocabulary cards useful?

Big books are used in group story reading. The cards can help pupils understand the vocabulary while listening to the story and in follow-up activities. Find out how they have been used in the Symbols Inclusion Project.

All of the main words used in the book are included in the pack, except for specific characters. There are cards for between 35 and 80 words in each set, plus some key phrases.

Activities to do with the vocabulary cards:

  1. Use the cards when reading the story to a group. Showing the symbols helps children understand and remember the words. Put the cards on the wall as a reference sheet. Any child who does not remember a word can easily look it up.
  2. Print off the sets of vocabulary with symbol support for pupils to use when writing about the story. This will give confidence to some children who are unsure of all the words.
  3. Make matching activities using the cards to match between identical cards or to match symbols only with the text cards

If you have InPrint you can also

  1. Make bingo and matching games using templates provided
  2. Print out large copies of the black and white symbols for colouring.
  3. print the cards in colour or as line drawings
  4. Print the cards at A4 for group work or two pages to a sheet to make A5 booklets for individual pupils.

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