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The Widgit Symbols (previously know as Widgit Rebus), are line drawings in a schematic structure for supporting literacy.

The new Widgit Symbols collection was launched in October 2002. This was the result of a two year development project involving many practitioners.

The colour symbols were added in Jan 2005 and released with InPrint 2.

The important features of the symbol set are:

  • A clear schematic structure enabling language development
  • Clear consistent line drawings with minimum clutter
  • The inclusion of grammatical markers for more advanced users
  • Extended vocabulary covering up-to-date topics

A brief history
Aims of the project
Project organistion and management

The Symbol Schema

There were many aspects to the symbol design that was considered. These ranged from technical considerations such as line thickness, through to the use of tones and colour to identify specific parts of a symbol. The symbols were deisgned to conform to standards and conventions (Widgit calls this the ‘schema’).

Read about the Widgit Schema


Widgit Symbol Development Project Acknowledgement of Contributors

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