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What we do

At Widgit, we believe in a world where everyone has the right to understand and be understood. Through the power of Widgit Symbols, we proudly help facilitate communication, education and understanding across a variety of settings, including schools, homes, healthcare, and even while on the move!

Our software

Your journey to symbolised communications starts with Widgit. Our online and desktop software gives you access to our entire symbol language. Whatever your requirements, InPrint and Widgit Online are designed to meet the unique needs of symbol users in any environment.

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Widgit Symbols

Widgit Symbols are designed to enhance text comprehension by offering simple visual representations of concepts. Symbol sets consist of comprehensive collections designed with a structured set of rules, and are therefore far more robust than clip art or icon sets. These rules can help symbol users to independently expand on their vocabulary.

Widgit Symbol technology

Enhanced by our symboliser language technology, creating personalised symbolised materials couldn’t be easier. From vocabulary lists to fully symbolised books, simply type and watch your words spring to life. For consistent and accurate use of symbols, our smart symboliser analyses each sentence to ensure the most appropriate match.

Thanks to our symbol editing features, you also have the freedom to personalise your symbols further, whether it’s selecting appropriate skin tones, modifying the colours or customising symbol text.

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Other ways you can use our symbols

Our widely recognised symbols can help make your products, services and experiences accessible to everyone. To support you on your journey, our symbol services can help tell your story. From symbolised signage and accessible symbol materials unique to your brand, to printing and manufacturing, and guidance on symbol licencing, we've got everything covered.

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Whether it's national theatre groups, premier league football clubs, or families in the local community, we’re proud to support a broad spectrum of partners with their symbolised communication. Our international partners also span a wide range of educational settings, from Special Educational Needs (SEN) schools in Sweden to international schools in the UAE.

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