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Creating a Communication Pathway

Our son Charles who is 20 years old and is profoundly disabled has been using Widgit Software since 1999.

The first introduction to Widgit was on floppy discs. We used to print out symbols that were relevant for Charles and start a communication path that has become over the years his main means of communication for us and other people that come into contact with him.

When we were able to progress to InPrint on CD it opened up a whole new world for Charles and us in communication.

We purchased a digital camera and took it everywhere we went with Charles, and built up a library of photos that we could import into the software and print out with titles. We now had the means in a format that he had got used to, to enable us to let him know where he had been and more importantly to be able to let him know and show him if we were going there again, whether it be a day out or just a trip to the shops.

We often felt prior to having this facility it must have been very perplexing for Charles to be put into the back of the car with no idea of where he was going, he must have felt like he was being kidnapped. Over the years we have built up quite a photographic library covering all aspects of Charles’ life (home, school, hospital, family, feelings, places etc) and using the photos in conjunction with Widgit Software has made communication for us and Charles a lot easier.

It has been a long journey for Charles and us on the communication pathway and we still have a long road to travel but with the help and experience of the staff at Widgit that road now feels a lot shorter. Thank you so much for all your support.


John & Barbara,
Charles' mum & dad


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