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Breadline, Moldova.

The use of InPrint by Breadline, a charity working in a day centre in Moldova.

A letter from the Antonina who oversees the day centre explaining how our software has been beneficial to them:

“Communication InPrint  allows us to develop, choose, create and put in practice various development programs for children of different ages, while taking into account the specific aims of each level.

“Communication InPrint helps the children to transmit the message they cannot communicate to us orally.

"Thanks to the images chosen by a child, we understand his individual wishes and needs, whether he wants to change his activity, or he needs a bath, or he is in pain, or he may even be hungry or thirsty or else.

"The main goal of these tools is to help the child overcome various difficulties so that he becomes emotionally and socially stable.

"For the children at our Day Center, the prints help us to organize our day together, to select the activities that the child arranges according to his wish.

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"For example Gabriel cannot communicate and this difficulty is overcome with the help of prints. When he needs to use the bathroom, or he is hungry, or something hurts him, he communicates it to us by choosing the right image.   Dumitras is another child who cannot communicate with his friends. The prints help him to communicate efficiently with his friends and adults.

"Day by day, they feel secure, having all these tools at hand, this gives them a sense of safety and confidence that they are not rejected by the people around them.

"God bless you for this."


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