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My ColdSchools Project, Pakistan

From Naveed Aslam

Pakistan is facing tremendous challenges in the education sector, our 25 million children are out of school. And literacy rate is just 57%.

pakistan literacy rate
literacy map

On seeing this woes condition, my heart was beating to do something for these underprivileged children. So I (Naveed Aslam) choose and started teaching a government primary school of my city Sialkot where’s country lowest class come for study.

These all worse conditions of schools show faulty government promises and policies, unfair utilization of education funds.

Coldschool students
Coldschool students
Coldschool students


And on seeing all, I thought to generate new ideas for improving the education system.

Now for me, the basic question was that how can it possible there and how can I do this?

As I knew in case of Pakistan poor children never get a quality education due to their poverty. Despite education, even they have to suffer so much for getting their two times food. For me, there’s also present a big hinder and that is I can’t use technology for achieving my goals because my students can’t afford this.

So I keep on finding the answer of this big question and one day while I was using Texthelp chrome extension. An idea just hit on my mind, “why not creating self­guided books for making learning fun for my students.”

Original books:

Original books
Original books

Symbol Books created in texthelp:

Original books
Original books
Original books
Original books

I’m really very grateful to Martin McKay and all of his Texthelp team. Without their support doing this was not possible for me.

Naveed Aslam


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