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Add-on for SymWriter 2


Support French teaching by using Widgit symbols. Combines the listening, reading and writing elements of learning a foreign language to make learning visual for all students.

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Easily create French symbol documents with this language add on for SymWriter. This tool is ideal for modern foreign language (MFL) teaching. Symbolised texts can be created in minutes to support French lessons. By adding symbols to the text, learning becomes much more visual for the students and will support vocabulary development.

This add-on comes with a range of ready-made environments and templates which will support students at the early stages of writing in French. Using the integrated male and female French voices, students can review their own writing in order to self-assess and improve their writing independently. These useful features combine the listening, reading and writing elements of learning a foreign language. By integrating all language learning elements into SymWriter, students will improve their subject knowledge and language skills.

French add-on includes:

  • French language symbol database
  • Ready-made writing environments and templates
  • Male and female French voices
  • Symbolised spell check

Symol document


suported writing


Price Information

  Price Code  
French Add-on for SymWriter - Single Machine £40 CSWFRADD01
French Add-on for SymWriter - 5 Machines £95 CSWFRADD05
French Add-on for SymWriter - 10 Machines £135 CSWFRADD10
French Add-on for SymWriter - 20 Machines £170 CSWFRADD20
French Add-on for SymWriter - 30 Machines £205 CSWFRADD30


FrancePlease note this is an add on for English users learning French.
Notez s'il vous plaît que cette add-on et pour les étudiants Anglais qui apprennent le Français.

For the French version of SymWriter please visit:
Pour la version Française de SymWriter s'il vous plaît visitez:


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