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Symbol-supported desktop publishing
InPrint 3

Symbol-supported desktop publishing. Create your own books, flashcards, worksheets and accessible documents.

Easy symbol writing for everyone
SymWriter 2

Easy symbol writing for everyone: the perfect tool for struggling and emerging writers.

Keyboard awareness through literacy activities
First Keys 3

Teaching keyboard awareness through literacy activities. Now supports activity words with Widgit Symbols.

Mind Mapping with Symbols

Mind mapping with Symbols. Organise information and brainstorm ideas with the support of Widgit Symbols.

Interactive on-screen activities with symbols
By Choice

Interactive on-screen activities that encourage students to learn by choosing.

A fun way to learn to use a mouse
My 1st Mouse

My 1st Mouse is a fun way to help young children from age 2 and up learn to use a mouse.



Communicate Series Extras



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Symbols inclusion project
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