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Literacy support software, now with Widgit Symbol support!


Read&Write 10 GOLD is an easy to use toolbar from Texthelp, which 'floats' on top of any open computer program, offering on-demand support to learners of all ages who require extra assistance when reading or composing text.

It provides varied support for struggling readers and writers - for example, those with literacy difficulties, learning impairments such as dyslexia, mild visual impairments and those for whom English is an Additional Language (EAL).

Read&Write 10 GOLD's features offer support to struggling readers in a range of ways, including visual and aural support, to help develop their literacy skills and enjoy greater independence by encouraging independent and inclusive learning.

The software works discreetly with all mainstream Windows applications, such as Microsoft Word, giving users the opportunity to work in an inclusive manner, alongside their peers and colleagues who do not require this support.


Widgit Symbols in the Read&Write 10 GOLD Picture Dictionary

This latest version of Read&Write GOLD has the exciting new feature of a Picture Dictionary, which uses Widgit Symbols to give learners visual support for any words they are unsure of when reading text.

With the Picture Dictionary feature, a Read&Write 10 GOLD user can highlight a word within the text to see a Widgit Symbol illustrating the word’s meaning.

See the Read&Write 10 GOLD Picture Dictionary in action!


Widgit Symbols in the Read&Write 10 GOLD Vocabulary Tool

The Vocabulary Tool in Read&Write 10 GOLD is a fantastic way to help students to learn any words they were unsure of, or unfamiliar with, when reading text. The tool allows you to highlight any difficult words within the text, and then simply click to automatically create a vocabulary list in Microsoft Word, displaying a written definition of the word and the relevant Widgit Symbol to illustrate the word's meaning. Any relevant notes can then be added to the list, and the student can take it away as a guide to support them in learning these words and expanding their vocabulary.


Read&Write 10 GOLD Features:

Read&Write 10 GOLD has a range of features which improve comprehension levels and access to the curriculum for struggling readers:

  • Picture Dictionary - using Widgit Symbols
  • Spelling support
  • A talking dictionary
  • Word prediction
  • Verb checker – identifies correct verb conjugations
  • Vocabulary Tool – helps expand vocabulary
  • Study skills
  • Screen masking
  • A translator tool
  • A fact-mapper that enables users to produce a visual representation of ideas.


For more information on Read&Write 10 GOLD, please visit www.texthelp.com

The Read&Write 10 GOLD Picture Dictionary working in Microsoft Word

Widgit Symbols in the Read&Write GOLD Picture Dictionary working in Microsoft Word

Click on the image to see a larger version!


The Read&Write 10 GOLD Picture Dictionary working online

Widgit Symbols in the Read&Write GOLD Picture Dictionary working online


Read&Write GOLD vocabulary list

Widgit Symbols in the Vocabulary Tool in Read&Write GOLD

Click to see a larger image!


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