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Widgit Go

Symbol activities and grids for iPad

Widgit Go is an app for creating activities and grids to support communication, learning and language development.

Print flashcards, write documents, and use interactive voice output activities.

Use it in the home, in the classroom
or on the go.

Widgit Go

Widgit Go

  • Print grids to make flash cards. 
  • Use as a voice output device 
  • Write simple documents with symbols and text from Grids. 

14 examples activities are included. More activities and voices are available in-app.

Widgit Go comes with a simple to use editor for making your own grids and activies. It includes the FULL Widgit Symbol Set with over 12,000 symbols.

No Internet connection is required either for creating or using activities.

Widgit Go comes with a free Nuance voice. Acapella voices can be purchased from within the app for £5.99 for adult voices, children's voices may vary in price

Widgit Go Basic

Try Widgit Go for FREE on iPad

Widgit Go Basic comes with 8 activities. You can also get more free and low-cost activities through the app.

You cannot edit activities in Widgit Go Basic, but you can purchase the full editor with over 12,000 Widgit Symbols as an in-app purchase.

If you are running iOS7, Widgit Go Basic can use any of the different language voices on your device. You can also purchase additional voices though the app for as little as £5.99.

NEW Symbols and Languages
French, Spanish and Health Symbols available in-app.

Widgit Go on an iPad

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Make an Activity in Widgit Go:

  • Make activities with several layers of grids
  • Choose whether the activity includes the writing bar, or just voice output
  • Create grid of up to 10 x 7 cells per page
  • Each cell in a grid can be linked to additional grids
  • Widgit Go can handle a very large number of activities and grids
  • Activities can be backed up and shared through Dropbox.
  • Print your activities and grids or make flash cards

Each cell in the grid can contain:

  • One or more Widgit Symbols with text
  • Your own images instead of symbols
  • Photographs straight from the camera
  • Background colour
  • Text to be spoken
  • Synthesised or recorded speech
  • Audio or music file
  • Links to new grids, the previous grid or to the first grid in the activity.

Documents created by the activities can be:

  • Saved and reopened to add to later
  • Saved as image file or PDF file
  • Automatically attached to an email as a PDF.
  • Printed to an air printer

Browse extras:

  • Get free and low-cost activities through the app.

Symbols and Languages

New in-app purchases for:

  • French Language add-on £17.99
  • Spanish Language add-on £17.99
  • Widgit Health Symbols £14.99
  • Restricted Symbols FREE

Speech in Widgit Go for iPad:

  • FREE Serena Nuance voice included.
  • Acapela voices can be purchased from within the app for £5.99 for adult voices, children's voices may vary in price.
  • iPads running iOS7 also have access to a range of different language voices.

Version 2.4.2 for iPad new features


background imageBackground image

You can now set an image from your camera or photos as a background image to create interactive scenes.

Symbols and Languages

New in-app purchases for:

  • French Language add-on £17.99
  • Spanish Language add-on £17.99
  • Widgit Health Symbols £14.99
  • Restricted Symbols FREE

Print a Grid


Print directly to an air printer at the touch of a button

  • Print a grid
    You can now print a grid to create flashcards, timetables and other customised grids.
  • Print whole activities
    Print all the grids in an activity from the edit screen of the activity on the shelf.
  • Print documents
    Print the document produced from an activity.

Merge cells

Customise the grid layout by merging cells together. This new features
Merge Cellsopens up a wide range of layout possibilities.

Change cell border colours

Choose from a wider range of cell border and fill options with the ‘fill on/fill off’ feature

Password protect the settings menu

Prevent users from editing activities or changing app settings by password protecting the Settings menu.

Updating Widgit Go on your iPad

If you have already purchased the Widgit Go app, you can download the new version for free from iTunes.
We recommend updating older iPads to iOS7.

Download free for iPad on iTunes


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For more demo videos and tutorial videos visit our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/widgitsoftware

Activities that come with Widgit Go


This activity is for an experiment into magnetic materials. It provides a writing space for documenting the planning and results of the experiment as well as instructions for preparing and conducting it.

Water Cycle

A writing activity for testing comprehension of the water cycle: evaporation, condensation and precipitation.

Yes No

yes no

A very simple communication board for answering 'yes' and 'no'. Two large buttons with accompanying recorded sounds.

Animal Sounds

Animal Sounds

A Grid that functions as a sound board, featuring a different animal in each cell.  Each cell will play a sound file of the relevant animal.

Commmunication A

Commmunication A

Examples of structured communication grids. These can be edited to make the content more personal.

Commmunication B

Commmunication B

Examples of structured communication grids. These can be edited to make the content more personal.

Shopping List

Shopping List

An activity for creating a shopping list that can be saved as an image, as a PDF or emailed.

Date Today

Date Today

Write about the date and weather.

Self Assessment

Self Assessment

An activity for self assessment that provides a way for a student to talk about their personal preferences and aspirations. This can also be made into a document.

Story Planner

Story Planner

Three story plans with increasing complexity and ideas for story beginnings, middles and ends. The instructions and ideas are read out when you select the cells.

Nativity Writing

Nativity Writing

An activity for retelling the Nativity story.

Noisy Cutlery

Noisy Cutlery

A grid that functions as a soundboard and guide for a scientific experiment, listing such aspects as equipment, instructions and an explanation.

Egyptian Gods

Egyptian Gods

A set of four activities based on the subject of Egyptian gods.

Story – build a document about the gods.
Matching – match the gods to their purposes.
Spelling – spell the gods names.
Words – a word bank with all of the main vocabulary from the books. This can be used to aid discussion around the topic.



This activity features grids for structuring an email. The document can then be emailed upon completion with the email document feature. This activity contains some content that can be used as a starting point, or to serve as an example. The activity should be edited so that it is personalised for the type of email you want to write. Photos can be taken on your tablet and dropped directly into the grids.

Widgit Go
In-app purchases

Simon Says - FREE

Simon Says

This activity can be used to play the game 'Simon says'. The grid in this activity includes the announcement 'Simon says' as well as actions that can be used to play.

Fractions - FREE


This activity is to support the teaching and learning of fractions. The flashcards use symbols to illustrate different fractions and the other grids test the user's understanding of shape fractions and equivalent fractions.

Getting Up Sequence - FREE

Getting Up Sequence

This is an activity for sequencing the daily morning routine. Users can use the grid to build up sentences in the document bar about what they do when they get up in the morning.

Sorting Animals - 69p

Sorting Animals

This is an activity for exploring knowledge of animals. The pack includes three activities: 'Which animals' - pick the appropriate animals from the wordbank. 'What is it like' - select the features that correspond to the animal. 'What is this animal' – match the animal to its class, for example: a cat is a mammal.

All About Me - 69p

All About Me

A sequence of grids for writing about yourself, such as who you live with, how old you are and what you like to do. Edit the first screen to add appropriate names and personalise with a photo.

Making Sentences 1 - £1.49

Making Sentences 1

This activity features 12 different sentence building grids. The grids will support the user in forming sentences ranging from simple 'Subject, verb' sentences to more complex 'subject, verb, object' sentences.

Alphabet - £1.49


This activity is for learning the alphabet. The initial grid features the entire alphabet. Each letter has three fun symbols to choose from.

Rocks - £1.49


This is a very informative activity that can be used to support learning about rocks. It can act as an ideal companion to examining rocks. The initial grid presents an array of options that provide more information on rock features such as: colour, texture, uses and landscapes. There are also experiments for testing hardness, absorption and identifying the different rock types marble, granite, chalk and slate.

Characteristics of Materials - £1.49

Characteristics of Materials

Two activities for exploring knowledge about materials that make up the objects around us. The first activity looks at the materials in common objects. The second activity matches materials with their characteristics and investigates their uses.

Rhymes - £1.99


These two activities come with an extensive range of fun grids for rhyming words. Each section has a sequence of 10 rhyming games. Rhymes 1 contains simple vocabulary and Rhymes 2 contains higher level vocabulary. Using the text-to-speech voice that comes with Widgit Go, users can build confidence in distinguishing sounds.

I Spy - £1.99

I Spy

Two activities that can be used to play the guessing game I Spy. The initial grid allows users to announce the traditional "I spy with my little eye" declaration before choosing a letter. Each letter links to another grid featuring a range of common items beginning with the chosen letter. There is one activity for outdoor items and one for indoors items.

What is it?- £2.49

What is it?

This extensive set of activities is for exploring everyday knowledge and understanding. Activities consist of questions with multiple answers. Questions are asked on varied topics like: which one is different, what can you find and which things go together? Perfect for early years or for use in special schools.



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