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Dual Language Features Pack

Add-on for Widgit Online

Create EAL and MFL resources in minutes

Instantly translate at the click of a button.

Speech and translation support in a wide range of languages.

Easily share dual language resources with colleagues, parents and friends.

Instant translation

Support students with English as an Additional Language (EAL)

You can use dual language templates to:

  • Support new arrivals quickly
  • Enable students to access and communicate their knowledge
  • Enhance home/school communication, including important messages and homework
  • Explain difficult concepts using Widgit Symbols
  • Translate assessment questions instantly
  • Develop progressive EAL resources as students begin to learn English
  • Create inclusive resources for the whole class


Support learning a Modern Foreign Language (MFL)

Instant translation can help you to:

  • Create flashcards for early language learning
  • Differentiate language learning
  • Improve student’s knowledge and understanding in speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Design fun and interactive language games
  • Promote independent learning


Display regional languages (e.g. Welsh or Irish)

You can use different layouts to display local languages for:

  • Teaching and learning resources
  • Visual class timetables
  • Important notices
  • Signage around the school or organisation
  • Newsletters and reminders



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Ways to Buy

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Large School £325
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