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Dual Language Features Pack

Add-on for Widgit Online

Create EAL and MFL resources in minutes

Instantly translate at the click of a button.

Speech and translation support in a wide range of languages.

Easily share dual language resources with colleagues, parents and friends.

Communicate: In Print

Support students with English as an Additional Language (EAL)

You can use dual language templates to:

  • Support new arrivals quickly
  • Enable students to access and communicate their knowledge
  • Enhance home/school communication, including important messages and homework
  • Explain difficult concepts using Widgit Symbols
  • Translate assessment questions instantly
  • Develop progressive EAL resources as students begin to learn English
  • Create inclusive resources for the whole class


Support learning a Modern Foreign Language (MFL)

Instant translation can help you to:

  • Create flashcards for early language learning
  • Differentiate language learning
  • Improve student’s knowledge and understanding in speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Design fun and interactive language games
  • Promote independent learning


Display regional languages (e.g. Welsh or Irish)

You can use different layouts to display local languages for:

  • Teaching and learning resources
  • Visual class timetables
  • Important notices
  • Signage around the school or organisation
  • Newsletters and reminders



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Ways to Buy

The Dual Language Feature Pack is a one time cost, your Widgit Online subscription won't change

Individual £15
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Family £30
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Class £75
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Small School £125
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Medium School £175
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Large School £325
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Small Organisation £175
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