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Wordlist manager Wordlist Manager

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The Wordlist Manager deals with editing and managing wordlistsfor products that use with the new format symbol files. These new symbols were released with Software versions:

Communicate: SymWriter (Any version) Free program update
Communicate: In-Print version 2 (version 2.80 and above) Free program update
Communicate: By Choice (version 1.40 and above) Free program update

The Wordlist Manager replaces the Resources Manager.


The Wordlist Manager enables you to:

The Wordlist Manager comes with a free trial of Communicate: SymWriter


download Download Wordlist Manager (including trial of SymWriter)

Wordlist Manager User Guide.pdf

Installing Wordlist Manager.pdf

Network installation symwriter and wordlist manager.pdf


Recommended running specification
Windows 2000 (SP4 or greater), XP, Vista
Pentium processor (800MHz min, Pentium 4 or above at 1Ghz min preferred)
256Mb RAM min, preferably 512MB or above and Sound Card
650Mb hard disk space.
Minimum resolution of 1024x768.
Supports widescreen resolutions.



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