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Symbols should be used carefully when creating accessible materials. Overuse or inaccurate of symbols in a document can make the information harder to understand. This section contains guides to using symbols more effectively.

Brief Guidelines to Symbolising
The five basic rules for writing in symbols.

Guide to Symbols
Using symbols effectively in accessible information

A comprehensive guide to using the Widgit symbols. This guide talks through the different methods of symbolisation and practical advice on achieving good symbolised content.

Ideas for Using Symbols
All these ideas come with free resources and 'do it yourself' tutorials.

General Accessibility Guides

Sensory Trust
Sensory Trust factsheets and booklets

The Sensory Trust has created a number of useful factsheets and guidance booklets that you can download free of charge.

Easy on the I The Little Guide to Easy Information.pdf

Guide from Easy on the I, Leeds Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

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Symbols inclusion project
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