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Sarah Helton from Back Pocket Teacher

Supporting bereavement and loss in special schools

Back Pocket Teacher - Supporting bereavement and loss in special schools

" I am a self-employed special educational need and disabilities author, trainer and consultant. I specialise in how to manage the issues of bereavement, grief and loss with individuals with SEND.

Following the publication of my books A Special Kind of Grief - The complete guide for supporting bereavement and loss in special schools (& other SEND settings) and Remembering Lucy - A children's story book about loss and grief in a school, I wanted a way of communicating the complex issues about bereavement and grief with individuals with SEND.

As a SEND teacher of over 20 years, Widgit symbols and InPrint 3 are my go to resources for supporting communication with individuals with SEND.

Bereavement & Loss Resource Pack

Bereavement and Loss Symbol Resource PackA set of resources designed for children, young people and their families to help them through the process of bereavement and loss including specific resources dealing with particular aspects of bereavement such as "What is a funeral".

Designed for use with InPrint 3 or downloadable as a PDF.

The issues and emotions surrounding bereavement and grief are complex for everyone. This complexity is magnified when you have limited language and communication skills. Having pictorial representations, Widgit symbols, to help express the concepts and emotions of death, grief and loss are invaluable for individuals with learning difficulties.

It was a real pleasure to work with Widgit. They were very supportive in the development of the product - a collaborative and enjoyable process from start to finish."

Supporting Bereavement and Loss Symbol Materials

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