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This website is Point enabled. As you hover the cursor over words they become highlighted, then selections of symbols appropriate to the word or phrase underneath the cursor are shown.

Point has the ability to recognise the context of a particular word using Widgit's smart symbolisation technology and displays the most appropriate symbol for the context at the top. For example, in the phrase "I drink a drink", you will see that the first "drink" shows the verb symbol for drinking at the top while the second "drink" shows the noun symbol for drinking at the top.

Point also recognises certain concepts that consist of more than one word and will display symbols for them. For example, if Point sees the phrase "bus stop", it will display its symbol for a bus stop. This feature is optional.

For some very common words which add little to the overall sense of the text, no symbols appear when the cursor is over them. On widgit.com, the list of excluded words contains words such as "a", "if" and "the". This list can be customised for each site.

If there is currently no symbol for the word in the Symbol Database, the word is highlighted in grey.

A visitor to this site also has the option to turn the support on or off using the large orange switch at the top right hand corner of the site. When the switch is clicked it turns grey to show that the symbol support is off.

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