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GoTalk templates

Overlays for the GoTalk communication aid

A powerful, portable, easy to use and very durable speech output device. Use it as an introductory communication aid and also for curriculum enrichment.

Click the links below to download the template for 'InPrint 2'.



Pack Name Application Price  
GoTalk A4 Template cip file FREE
Download free
GoTalk Letter Size Template cip file FREE
Download free
GoTalk Templates cip file FREE
Download free


Templates for the GoTalk communication aids.

For InPrint 3

The templates include:

  • GoTalk 4+
  • GoTalk 9+
  • GoTalk 20+
  • GoTalk 32Express
  • GoTalk 32+

For InPrint 2

The templates include:

  • GoTalk 4
  • GoTalk 4+
  • GoTalk 9
  • GoTalk 9+
  • GoTalk 20
  • GoTalk32
  • All templates in one book



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