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Visual Discrimination

A graded series of activities on cognitive and visual discrimination.

Each set of activities contains 10 pages covering a range of challenges increasing in difficulty as the set progresses.

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01 Find One Like This

  • Different objects
  • Similar types of object
  • Abstract patterns
  • Colour
  • Colour and shape
  • Orientation
  • Number Letters

02 Find Two the Same

  • Different categories
  • Same Category
  • Visually similar
  • Same category and visually similar
  • Number
  • Patterns
  • Letters
  • Colour
  • Less obvious differences
  • Prepositions

03 Which one is different? (Odd-one-Out)

  • Same category
  • Similar colours
  • Letters
  • Visually similar
  • Prepositions
  • Visually more difficult
  • Category difference

04 What is missing?

  • What's missing - one of three
  • What's missing - one of four
  • What's missing from this group - no clues
  • What's missing - overlapping group
  • What's missing - figure/ground discrimination

Symbol Word Cards
Find One Like This


I Can See
Find Two the Same


Material Types
What is missing?




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