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Most Resource Packs not only includes files and resources for you to use and print with InPrint. They also include additional symbols and clip art specially developed for the pack which you can use again and again to make your own supporting


Egyptians History Books comes with 56 new topic symbols including:

egyptian symbols


Maths Flashcards comes with 414 new topic symbols including

maths symbols


Geography - Rivers comes with 127 new topic symbols including



Red Riding Hood comes with new illustrations

red riding hood pictures


Accessing the symbols

To access these new symbols in InPrint you will need to load the 'Resource

Pack wordlists are installed into your 'Wordlist' folder, in a folder called 'Resource Packs'

If you want to use these new symbols frequently, we suggest you use the resource manager to merge the Resource Pack wordlists with your main wordlists:

Merging Wordlists

To merge wordlists:

When this is done, you will need to save the list. You will be asked to give it a name.
You can give it a new name or choose to overwrite your main wordlist.


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