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Birthday Pack

Foundation level activities

Birthday themed activities including flashcards, visual discrimination and counting for numbers up to twenty. Party invitiations also included.

Counting cakes activity


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  • Invitaticounting activityon cards
    fill in the name, date and time
  • party list
    templates to prepare for the party, make a list
  • parcel tags
    cut and stick and fill in the tags for the presents
  • odd one out
    find the odd one out in each row
  • birthday cake
    put the candles onto the cake
  • flashcards 5
    13 sheets of counting objects up to five, number sheets also included
  • counting to 5A
    five sheets to count the objects and fill in the answer
  • counting to 5B
    five sheets to count the objects and fill in the answer
  • presents 5
    eight sheets of counting up to five
  • flashcards 10
    flashcards for counting up to ten
  • how many 10
    five sheets of counting up to ten
  • matching numbers 10
    five sheets of matching activities for numbers up to ten
  • flashcards 20
    flashcards of objects showing numbers up to twenty
  • how many 20
    five sheets of counting objects from numbers ten to twenty

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