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Winter Pack

Worksheets and activities from the Symbols Inclusion Project

The Winter pack has a range of classroom activities, stories and worksheets relating to the winter season.

Zed story with symbols


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InPrint 3 files This pack was created using InPrint 3 - Create your own symbol materials to print. Perfect for Parents, Teachers, SLT’s working with students of any age.


sort the winter and summer clothes

  • Winter snowman
    Snowman picture with space to write today's weather
  • Sort clothes
    Worksheet to sort winter and summer clothes
  • Winter words
    Draw a circle around words associated with winter
  • Animals in winter
    Information sheet
  • Cut and sort seasons
    Flashcards to cut out and sequence
  • Winter facts
    Winter fact sheet
  • Winter fun activities
    Writing and drawing activity
  • Crossword
    W inter words crossword
  • Make words
    Write ten words from the word winter
  • Winter sports
    Cut and match the winter sports
  • Zeds winter fun
    9 pages of assorted activities
  • Months and seasons
    Flashcards showing months and seasons
  • Acrostic
    Acrostic using the word 'winter'
  • Wordsearch
    Find the hibernating animals
  • Zed and Snowplough
    Story written with text only
  • Zed and Snowplough
    Story supported with symbols
  • Zed and Snowplough
    Simplified version of the story with symbols

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