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InPrint 2 Support

Common Questions


How do I Install resources I have purchased from the online shop?


Convert OpenType fonts to TruType format for use in InPrint 2

Symbols and Wordlists

Some of the graphics are missing from the resources I have downloaded

How do I merge wordlists?

Some of my Black & White graphics appear to be missing

I want to open the BSL_Co wordlist and then set it to be the default wordlist


How to's for graphics

I want to get pictures from the web into InPrint 2

How do I get symbols into Word or Powerpoint

Can I have two symbols and have one label for them

I am trying to import my own pictures into InPrint 2, what are pictures A and pictures B for



Error 1302 in Vista Install

Problems using the software

When I print I get white lines around some of the graphics.

The F12 key doesn't seem to work

The program hangs at start up

The graphics panel sometimes has pictures of folders

I have set InPrint 2 to be viewed in double page mode but it opens in single page

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