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Copyright conditions on distribution of materials containing Widgit Symbols (formerly known as Widgit Rebus Symbols).

pdf Widgit copyright conditions.pdf

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This information refers to the use of symbols of the Widgit symbol set.

Printed documents (books, materials, leaflets, posters etc.)

Documents to print where symbols are embedded in third party applications (e.g PDF, MsWord, PowerPoint).

In signage and notices.
On websites, where the symbols are embedded into the web page (i.e not using Point or other Widgit technology).

Symbols are copyright protected and cost a great deal to develop and maintain. We therefore have to ensure that people who use symbols pay an appropriate amount for their use.

Where the user already has a license for the symbols, and the files can only be accessed through licensed copies of the software, there is no additional charge for the use of the symbols e.g a file for InPrint. Where the symbols are provided in a different form, either in print or electronically, including on a website, charges may be payable.

Allowance for non-chargeable distribution of documents containing symbols
For licensed holders of our software, a small amount of printed or web based symbol documents may be given away. These can be distributed without any payment provided the total number of symbols in all resources does not exceed 100 different symbols. If distribution is on a larger scale, please apply for specific permission.

Commercial use
Any customer wishing to sell resources containing Widgit Symbols must apply for specific permission. Please note charges may be payable.

Each resource, whether free or for sale, must carry an appropriate acknowledgement on each separate document or individual sheet that might be used separately, prominently stating that the symbols are:

Widgit Symbols © Widgit Software 2002-2019 (or current year) plus the web address www.widgit.com

Contact us
For any copyright enquiries, please either email our team at copyright@widgit.com
or write to:

Widgit Software (copyright enquiries)
26 Queen Street
Leamington Spa
CV32 7NA

pdf Widgit copyright conditions.pdf

pdf Widgit copyright application form.pdf

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